You have a relative or loved one who spends so much time alone?
Have you the desire to transform the loneliness of your loved ones in a value for a boy with special educational needs?

Through Del+ Del- (Small Talks) can become part of a national project to transform two solitudes in chat and social innovation.

Upon filling out the forum below, you will be contacted by the project's contact person, who will explain in detail how to begin the project by evaluating the characteristics of your beloved and combining them with those of a boy with educational special needs.

When you want, the project coordinator will come to know about your dear to present, with you, the project Del+ Del- (Small Talks).
After the first meeting, we will evaluate how many “chats week” can bring benefit to your dear.

Suppose you want to support the chatter and grow the project. In that case, you can make a donation that will turn you into a reimbursement of expenses to gratify the Chatter and allow you to improve the organization of the project.

....and now? is it not enough to start
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    Information By Elder

    Why Del+ Del- (Small Talks)?

    The last year's data (ISTAT, 2017) confirms Italy as the second-oldest country in the world, with a proportion of nearly 169 older people per 100 young people. 17.2% say they lack social support, and the older adults living alone spend up to 10 hours per day without social interaction.

    It is not easy to admit to feeling alone; often, because of embarrassment or shame, the elderly do not seek help and bear the loneliness without understanding the significant risks in terms of impact on their psycho-physical health. The members of the family or relatives of the elderly living alone, having to work, have no way to spend enough time with them.

    In addition to ensuring a family member of the needed in-home assistance, if necessary, they need to know that during the day, the elder will have the opportunity to have social contact and still feel useful. In this way elder feels part of an initiative for social purposes, to make them aware that the time she spends with the guys it's a time when "teaching" something can represent a strategy of great utility to facilitate your involvement