Who Are We

Francesca Cavallini

Supervisor research and innovation: a psychologist, a Ph.D. in the psychology of disability, a professor with a master's Degree in Psychology, clinical intervention, and social at the University of Parma
I can't remember when I came up with the idea of Del+ Del- (Small Talks), but the more we think, the more I like it! It is an idea you understand immediately, and when we have completed it, it will be a real revolution.

Federica Berardo

Supervisory psycho-educational psychologist with a Ph.D. in psychology of disability and a Master's in ABA, BCBA, Tice's relationship manager.
Del+ Del- (Small Talks), if I can be honest, is the realization of my professional dream of combining a passion for the psychology of the elderly with the potential of applied behavioral analysis to generate social innovation!

Silvia Iacomini

Coordinator Tice In The Future   Psychologist

“With Del+Del- (Small Talks), I have seen the potential of the young people emerge.